I love being a Wedding Photographer in South Florida, and a big part of that is also shooting engagement sessions with my clients. Myself, and my team have been so busy that I am trying to keep my blog updated as often as possible, and try to show new an different locations that are inspiring.. while I might not be able to post every single shoot we do (it would just take forever LOL..) this one I wanted to share! Marjorie and Juan really did extensive planning for their South Florida Engagement Session, and had some really great ideas to share with me as well! I not only got to spend time with them, but also with Marjorie’s mom who was just about the sweetest person I have met, and was so patient! Also, a huge Thank You guys for treating us to dinner during the session to re-energize! This was a great time to talk more, and go over all the details! To say we had a great time would seem silly.. we loved you both and can’t wait for the wedding! Oh! and Thanks so much for brining us to a new night time location in Miami! We are always learning new things, and new places in South Florida!

Here are a few of the images I really liked!


  1. Travis, Juan and I can’t begin to extend you our gratitude for all your work. We love how passionate and artistic you and your team are about photography. You make it seem so effortless. We absolutely enjoyed spending the day with you and Marta. And my mom loves you guys! Seeing some sneak peeks of our photo shoot is such a tease! We are real excited to see the rest, and can not wait for our big day! We have no doubt it will be lots of fun, and memorable. We are very blessed to have you as our photographer to share and capture such an important day with us, family, and friends. God bless. Fondly, Marjorie & Juan.

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