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Las Vegas Wedding Photographers I have always loved Las Vegas and I have always wondered how the local Las Vegas Wedding Photographers liked working in that market.  Because, for me it would seem like a dream come true.  Mountains, desert, nightlife, it really seems to have it all, (granted I am from Vermont and moved … Read more

Risk, Regret & Reward. The turning point of my life.

Miami Wedding Photographer

This is a sit down, serious talk on the biggest turning point of my life and how my business started. I know that many people, including myself look to inspiration from others to sometimes help them through a difficult time in their own lives. Hopefully you can relate with me, and my situation to see how I faced risk, learned from regret and now have the biggest reward in the world.

EVERY Day is… Fathers Day ;-)

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’ll tell ya.. as a Professional Wedding Photographer, I miss many…  MANY life events as a result of being there and apart of my clients special wedding day.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family time, and events on the weekends (which is most of the time), holidays, and even my own honeymoon back when I was married in … Read more

The man behind the camera..

I wanted to create something that talks about my “style” within photography..  and really wanted to attach my personality to it.  So, myself, and my production team went out and made my concept a reality!  Now, obviously I don’t spend much time “in front of the camera” but, this was a fun project to do! … Read more

The question has been asked, she said YES!!

On March 7th 2008, I had a dinner date with the most amazing kind hearted women I have ever come to know. Adriana.  From the moment I sat down, and asked her about her life.. I could tell I was falling in love with her.  She just had this well put together, sophisticated aura about … Read more

Adriana meets VERMONT!

So, after moving from Vermont to Miami (Jan ’08) I wanted to bring my new love Adriana back to where I grew up!  Here are a few pics from our trip!  We had a blast, and she could see exactly why this place is so very special to me!  If your looking for a nice … Read more