Commercial Projects

Weddings and engagement sessions make up 99% of my annual sales without a doubt.  Thats my focus.  This gallery showcases some of the work that I have done in other areas of photography over the years, and is very relevent to my technical abilities as a photographer.   Some of this work was commissioned, some of it was for publication, and some of it was to simply go out and practice something different on the technical side of photography to stay sharp, and to challenge myself.  You should understand, that “commercial” photography in some ways is very inspiring for me as a “creative artist”, and while the content may not directly apply to my main business (weddings) the process of planning a production shoot, working with a team of others, and pushing the limits with the camera is all extremely important to grow and learn new things.  This does, impact my main business and is one of the reasons why my work is so eye catching.  I have an extremely solid background in lighting, and is evident all throughout my entire portfolio.  I owe most of that knowledge, and experience to my commercial inspired projects.

Miami-Fashion-Photographers-034So, without a doubt… this is one of the best results you can have as a photographer.  Publication!  In this case, not just any magazine… VOGUE!  I was commissioned to shoot for Rania Hatoum, who is a Hong Kong based bridal fashion designer.  She wanted to showcase some of her gowns with models, and had a very specific idea in mind.  Rania came to me, because she saw my skill set with photography and specifically my lighting abilities at night.  Months later, the final image that I produced was published in VOGUE Magazine. Miami-Fashion-Photographers-013 Miami-Fashion_Photographers-001Here (above) is the actual shot that was published in VOGUE magazine.  This was a crazy involved production shoot that took place in Miami, FL at night.  Right after we got setup, and started to shoot it started to rain!  So, the little specks that you see are actually rain drops, and added a nice effect to the final shot.  Needless to say, we had to take extra care of all the gear to ensure nothing was damaged.  It was a fun time for sure Miami-Fashion-Photographers-017Above and below are two images of model “Zoe”.  We drove way out to the middle of “no where” and wanted to find some nice open fields.  I wanted to create some contrast, both in terms of the colors but also in terms of the wardrobe (heels, and dress in dirt.. um, no).  However, with the lighting, and clean compositions they make for some very commercial grade imagery.  I had two assistants with me, and we brought a little over 2,000 watts of lighting power with us out in that field.  I had so much control over the ambient light, I could have turned mid day sun, into midnight and still keep lighting on my subject! Miami-Fashion-Photographers-016 Miami-Fashion-Photographers-014

Zoe again, same day as above.  This time I am shooting with her inside the back of a train car.  I have installed some lighting inside the car, and “gelled” it amber to give some warm tones from behind to help “separate” her from the otherwise dark metal.  I love this shot because of the strong contrast, and leading lines of the side of the train car.  If you want to see more from this shoot, check out the full blog post! Miami-Fashion-Photographers-009Here we have “fitness model” Amy.  She hired me to take some images of her in action, as well as some posed stylized shots.  She also wanted some fun, different style portraits which you will see below. Miami-Fashion-Photographers-010 Miami-Fashion-Photographers-032 Miami-Fashion-Photographers-033So, the two images of Amy above, and the one below (my fav. from the set) were taken in a wharehouse that stocks, and sells nitrogen. (its not smoke).  The image below, really shows a lot of things coming together.  I had four remote flashes, all gelled purple behind the tanks.  Some were aiming at the wall, some were aimed at the tanks, and some where pointed near Amy.  Then, I had a large “strip box” light that was setup camera right, all the way in the far corner with a 30-degree grid on it (to not spill light all over the place), and for the main light, I was using a “Mola” beauty dish with another grid.  Six lights in total!  Just look at the detail in that shot below.  It was very much worth the effort 🙂  After this shoot, I was also hired to shoot Amy’s wedding which you can check out on my blog! Miami-Fashion-Photographers-012 Miami-Fashion-Photographers-008Head shot.  This was taken on a “casting day” where I was shooting several different models for a new agency in Miami.  For some reason, this was my fav. shot. Miami-Fashion-Photographers-006Maria is a model that is from Russia and lives here in South Beach.  I have worked with her twice, and gotten some great shots from our time together.  Above, I am trying to create an “ad” like image. Miami-Fashion-Photographers-005Above, this image was taken at South Pointe Park and I really love how this turned out.  In fact, this is one of my fav. images from this entire category.  First, the lighting is just dead on.  I was using a mix, of the hard morning sun and a beauty dish to get the results I wanted.  You will notice, that the sky is “blown out” behind her, and that’s –exactly– what I wanted.  I wanted to create a “dreamy” look to the “set” as well as provide a “rim” or “separation” light on the edge of her body.  I got both.  The overall composition with the white looking structures, almost suggests something “ice cold” vs. warm.  Either way, the repeating pattern of them adds to the image strength.  Lastly, Maria.  She is posed to show off every part of her body.  Her closest leg to the camera is bent giving her entire lower body a very slim shape, her heel is raised to tone her leg as well.  The suspenders (her idea) create a “pocket” of dead space on her right side, that further shapes her body slimmer.  Her hands, and arms are placed in a way that makes her tall, and is non distracting nor, covering any other part of her figure.  It can be very hard to get everything to “line up” in a shot.. this one (in my thoughts) comes close to perfect. Miami-Fashion-Photographers-007Here we are again.. same day as above.. We are actually on a roof top in Miami.  It was WINDY that day.  We had to be extreamly careful as the space we were working in was very small.  Just creating shapes with her body.  I like this futuristic look, and body lines.  The colors of her attire also go well with the background.
Miami-Fashion-Photographers-026Maria, probably has the longest legs I have ever seen.  LOL.  Above, and below you will see what I mean.  Above, I am testing out some new lighting and learning all about what the limitations of “High Speed Sync” was all about.  meh, after this session I decided I did not care for it, but very much liked the image I captured as a result. Miami-Fashion-Photographers-023Above, in the studio.  “Studio” photography is generally not my thing.. but, here it works.  I love this skirt, and got a ton of great images of her with this outfit.  This one, was my fav. from the studio set.  She really had some strong poses.  Again, legs that went on forever.  If anyone needs a “leg model” this maybe the one!   Miami-Fashion-Photographers-022The above shot of Paola is probably the only “safe” shot I can show on my site LOL.  This was a production shoot for MAXIM magazine, in which I did get credit and a nice little spread.  It was shot at a private residence in North Miami.  I really like this shot, it’s a little (a lot) of “fantasy” mixed in with “sexy”, and while it is a little suggestive it really brings in that “sexy librarian” feel which was the point.  Lighting here is on par, with use of two lights.  The main light is camera right (far right) strip bank with a 30 degree grid, and the “kicker” light, is camera left and is just adding a touch of highlight / fill light.
Miami-Fashion-Photographers-001The two images of Emily (top, and bottom) were taken at Vizcaya.  This was in fact, just a fun “portfolio” shoot.  I wanted to shoot at this location late in the day.. and I remember I had to get special permission to shoot there “after hours” when no people were around.  I did this specifically so that the sun would be out of the way of the direction I wanted to shoot so that I could retain the nice rich detail, and color.  Lighting here was a beauty dish on a boom.  Miami-Fashion-Photographers-002 Miami-Fashion-Photographers-027I was hired to shoot a “sexy” calendar for a casino crusie boat and Danielle here was my fav. model.  The image below, was one of the images that was printed in the calendar.  The image (top) was actually taken afterwards in the studio for her own portfolio.  Lighting below, was two gridded “bare bulb” flashes.  We shot on location, on the boat and in this shot I have “subtracted” 100% of the ambient away from the camera sensor at the point of capture, and replaced everything with only my lighting.  I think I was shooting around f/20 to get this type of control in camera.  Miami-Fashion-Photographers-004 Miami-Fashion-Photographers-011The following few images are of Tammy Torres (public figure).  I was commisioned to shoot some collateral images for a Susan G. Komen event.  We shot this in a “not so great” park of town in Miami under an underpass.  Thankfully, I had lots of assistants and one armed bodyguard standing by.  The images really pop, and the lighting was just unreal. Miami-Fashion-Photographers-031Above, I am using a “clam shell” lighting setup.  I have a beauty dish up top, and one on the bottom to completely control the facial shadows.  Then, I had a strip bank camera left to add in the highlight for her hair, arm, and balloons. Miami-Fashion-Photographers-030 Miami-Fashion-Photographers-028The three full body shots here, lighting was one beauty dish on a boom stand, and two full body strip banks both camera right, and camera left.  Both of them had a 30 degree grid, as did the main light.  This was to control the light “spill”, so that the pavement would not have any distracting highlights out of the camera. Miami-Fashion-Photographers-029 Miami-Fashion-Photographers-015To be honest, this was actually a “sweet 16” shoot that got misplaced. LOL.  I was too tired to re-assign the image to the other gallery.. so I will talk about it here.  First, it was shot on a cloudy, nasty over cast day.  You may not think that by looking at it, but it was.  I replaced ALL of the light with my own.  I actually used some very powerful lighting to light up the building in the background (yes, that is not the sun). Then, I simply added in my main light for my subject and I got the color, and exposure I wanted.  Once the “tech” was dialed in, I then needed to “get the shot” and here it is.  The wind picked up, and I saw her skirt move like that.  So, I set her up and waited for that to happen again.. and it did.   Miami-Fashion-Photographers-018The next few images are just more studio work.  Nothing too crazy, but I still love how everything came out. Miami-Fashion-Photographers-025 Miami-Fashion-Photographers-020 Miami-Fashion-Photographers-021After a day of shooting different subjects in the studio.. we went outside for a break.  I decided to drag out some gear, and I took this shot (above).  It was not supposed to be anything “special”, but I ended up loving it. Miami-Fashion-Photographers-024Remember that casino calendar I was talking about before?  Well, here we are again.  Same boat, same project.. only this time I am using some small flashes, gelled blue to pull out some details in the bar behind my subject.  In hind sight, I would have likely added another light camera right, low to pull some detail in the shadows around her legs, but this works well too.  Either way, it is a striking pose and lots of great color and contrast to draw you in.