Welcome to my site!  I am a Miami Wedding Photographer & Educator who offers a very polished, detail oriented brand of photography.  My style has been described over the years as

“Romantic, Chic and Stunning”

The images I create reflect a consistancy of excellence that is founded by my commitment to “be better then I was yesterday“.  My work has been published in countless magazines, popular blogs and attracts the attention of many photographers from around the world, who look to my brand as an inspiration and a beacon for success. I invite you to learn more about me, my story and to explore my portfolio and blog!

There are several really great Miami Wedding Photographers out there to choose from, and while I truly do think of myself as one of them… I don’t want my images alone to define who I am, what I offer, and what to expect.

“Working with me is an experience, that results in the imagery I show”

By far the most unique thing about any of the images I have created, is in fact… me.  The things that I feel, think and see all come in to play as a Miami Wedding Photographer, and ultimately forms my brand and style.  In an effort to provide you with the most immersive web experience, I invite you to click the image link below to browse through my Behind the Scenes videos and join me on all that I do!