As a Miami Wedding Photographer, I see so many people throwing around “wedding planning advice”, that it really motivated me to dedicate a video to some points that I feel are actually worth hearing.

When you have attended, shot and planned the logistics for as many weddings as I have.. it’s clear to me what not only the “pitfalls” are, but how the physiological mindset can really amplify stress and anxiety. While I am sure every wedding vendor could speak on similar topics, this is a unique video to help the newly engaged couple planning their wedding keep things in perspective, and steer clear of the things that I have personally seen take away from my own creative abilities. …and more importantly lead to client disappointment in general.

Join me in this very direct, real and “as a matter of fact” video based on my 7 years of wedding experience, and I will assure you that it will be the best 20min of wedding planning advice your ever going to hear.

I have realized that, the only way I can change the results at the weddings I attend, get more creative content, and just deal with happier and more relaxed people is to in fact –educate– people on all the very important aspects that I have seen and managed over the years.

The points that I speak about in the video go way beyond that of wedding planning advice, and speak to things on a much deeper level including the mindset of many, many couples approaching the wedding day.

There are so many areas where I see opportunity on the wedding day, and many of them cause tremendous stress to the client, and everyone around them.  If your going to be getting married, you owe it to yourself and this industry to watch my video, and help yourself understand some of the reality in which you will encounter one way or another on the wedding day.

The full video is at the bottom, and is 20min long.. however, I have compressed some of the top takeaways in small, 60sec clips for you to view and share!



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