Vendors I TRUST

Without a doubt, one of the most important things I can help you with beyond photography is… other vendors.  I not only want all of my clients to have the best experiences on their wedding day, but I too want to have a great experience working with other vendors that I know are professional and take their role on the wedding day as seriously as I do.  At this point in my career I have “seen it all” having been to over 200 weddings, and I have built some great relationships with people along the way.  I have come to realize that I am only going to get the best results when I am working with a team of people that are all on the same page 🙂

None of the vendors on this page have asked to be on here.  I have personally, sat down and thought long and hard on who is the very best that I have worked with and I then placed them on my list.  If I ever feel that they are not a good fit, I will remove them as I truly believe that their actions are also a reflection of me and my brand.

First, let me say I am never going to recommend someone for anything based on the results that they provide. Ever.  Mainly because it does not matter what “I” think, or what I feel is “best”. It means nothing. Like photography it all becomes way to subjective to ones’s personal taste.  I will however give you my recommendations based on the person, and the interactions I have had with them personally at weddings.  This is far more important, and the only metric that truly matters when referring other people for anything.  Please keep that in mind, and understand that only you can determine what is actually “best” for you.

Hair & Makeup 

This is my #1 partner / concern on the wedding day.  The getting ready part of the day is so important (I have actually written an article on it here to give you more tips).  Having people that are professional, and STAY ON TIME is so important for both you and I.  I have been to weddings where they arrive late, forget supplies, do something other then what the bride wanted, talk, talk, talk and completely forget about the time.  All of this will subtract from your creative images that any photographer (especially me) will be able to take.  Once the time is gone, it is never coming back.  I would strongly encourage you to contact Sissi Ceballo for your wedding day.  In fact, I have even had the chance to sit down and interview her for my channel, and that video is below:


Here is the 90 second commercial I made for her and her business..

and then…  below is the full sit down interview that I did with her in her salon..

Sissi Ceballo – Hair & Makeup  Also for the full story, be sure to visit my full blog post here.


I get asked time and time again “do you offer video”, and the answer is no.  I don’t.  I’ll break here and tell you..  that I did offer video back in 2011 when I thought I would “do it all” and it would be a “win, win” for me, and my clients.  I was wrong, it was a “lose, lose” and it was a hard lessen for me to learn, one that almost cost me my business.  It took my focus away from all the great things that my clients have come to love from me on the photography side and I now understand what a mistake that was.  If you look out in the world, the very best photographers, and the very best cinematographers are not “one stop shops”.  They are not “farming out work”, they are truly talented people that have a laser focus on what they do, and the workflows that they have created as the foundation to their brand.  I understand this better then most, because I went through it.  I now sit back, and enjoy referring business to people that I love to work with and who also run a successful business.. and in return they take care of me.  THIS is a “win win” 😉  If you want a burger, goto a burger place.. if you want pizza.. then goto a pizza place.  Period!

Okay, I will break video down into two general sub categories:

1.) “Videographer” – Someone who shows up on the wedding day, is very “un-noticed” and shoots over my shoulder for all of the moments.  This is typically one, maybe two people and they usually always “yield” to the photographer in terms of ideas they may have, or doing anything that requires taking time out of the timeline.

I have worked with Lou Kulynych at countless weddings.  I met him back in 2010, when he thought I was nuts for using the hotel “ice bucket” to get my fancy “ring shot”.  Once he saw the images, he then understood LOL.  Since then, he has been a great partner to have at the wedding and I just love working with him in general.

2.) “Cinematographer” – A team of professionals that have done some pre-planning of their own to make a truly amazing movie from your wedding day.  This generally involves some “story boarding’, meaning that you maybe asked to do several things on the wedding day.. open, and read letters, walking and talking, going over your vows, and possibly other stylized creative shots.  During the ceremony there will be many different camera positions, and each part of the day will involve a little extra setup.  This will require a little extra time on the wedding day, so I would strongly encourage you to do a “First look” if this is what your looking for.

The best person that I have personally ever worked with, is Dorian Iribarren with “Seaglass Studios” Dorian and myself met in 2011 at a wedding, and have been very good friends ever since.  We have hung out beyond weddings, and he is a very special person to get to know.  I can’t think of anyone else that would be a better person then him.

Both have “pro’s” and “con’s” it ultimately comes down to your personal style, wedding format, and the “feel” that your going for on the wedding day itself.  Budget may also play a role too.


I have had the chance to work with one special person both on the wedding day, and also outside of it on a “styled” shoot.  He has such a great energy, and takes so much pride in his work.  On the shoot, he was there helping with every little detail, and I could tell that this guy is the “real deal” and I would want any of my clients to be taken care of by him.

Angel Rodriguez – Rodri Creations


Speaking of only referring people based on “them”, here is a category that can really make the difference at the wedding reception.  If your looking to hire a “DJ” then I would contact Jason Bank with Jammin Express Entertainment. Now, I have to be clear..  I am saying that “Jason Bank” is who you should have as the actual DJ.  I know his company (and countless others) have many people on staff, and thats all fine and good… but, my recommendation is based on my interaction with Jason himself.  I have been to two weddings where he was the DJ / MC and he his personality was –exactly– what I would want for my own wedding, and I am guessing yours too.  Very clean cut, professional, funny, and experienced.  He made the party great and I would hire him without hesitation.

Another great option that stands out for me is Jorge Hernandez with “Vision DJ’s”  I have worked with Jorge at several weddings, and is very professional and knows how to keep the party going!


If you want a band.  Hire Libido, and don’t think twice.  Period.  BEST–WEDDING–EVER!  I have shot two weddings that hired them, and they were just incredible.  I mean, it MADE the wedding one that will never be forgotten!