Photo Booth

Everyone calls it a “Photo Booth” but it’s really not.  It’s pretty much the most amazingly fun thing you can have at your wedding (or any other event for that matter), short of a pop singer coming to perform.

Seriously, it’s that good!

It’s very simple.  What I have is a very special pure white screen that I put up at the reception, generally near the dance floor, or bar, far corner etc.  The screen is about 8 feet in width, about 7 feet in height, and is very thin.  In front of this open screen is a specialized camera system that works on a remote, and is connected to an HD projector.  Your guests come, and gather in front of the screen and my assistant takes the picture with the press of a button.  Instantly, the image is broadcasted on that very same screen for them, and everyone else in the –entire– reception to see. Life Size!  My “Photo Booth” is not just an incredible picture taking device (the images look like they were shot in a studio) but, it becomes the life of the party and is extremely entertaining for everyone… even the people sitting at the tables who won’t dance 🙂

All of the guests are given a small card with a special link, and the following morning after the wedding they are all available for a free download in High Resolution.

This is a fast pace, jump in front of the screen, snap the pic, and move on. vs. the little traditional “booths” with a curtain that have now become very outdated.  My screen is great for large groups of people as well!  Okay, enough talk.. check out some examples!!

Miami-Photo-booths-001 Miami-Photo-booths-002 Miami-Photo-booths-003 Miami-Photo-booths-004 Miami-Photo-booths-005 Miami-Photo-booths-006 Miami-Photo-booths-007 Miami-Photo-booths-008 Miami-Photo-booths-009 Miami-Photo-booths-010 Miami-Photo-booths-011 Miami-Photo-booths-012 Miami-Photo-booths-013 Miami-Photo-booths-014 Miami-Photo-booths-015 Miami-Photo-booths-016 Miami-Photo-booths-017 Miami-Photo-booths-018 Miami-Photo-booths-019 Miami-Photo-booths-020 Miami-Photo-booths-021 Miami-Photo-booths-022 Miami-Photo-booths-023 Miami-Photo-booths-024 Miami-Photo-booths-025 Miami-Photo-booths-026 Miami-Photo-booths-027 Miami-Photo-booths-028 Miami-Photo-booths-029 Miami-Photo-booths-030 Miami-Photo-booths-031 Miami-Photo-booths-032 Miami-Photo-booths-033 Miami-Photo-booths-034 Miami-Photo-booths-035 Miami-Photo-booths-036 Miami-Photo-booths-037 Miami-Photo-booths-038 Miami-Photo-booths-039 Miami-Photo-booths-040 Miami-Photo-booths-041 Miami-Photo-booths-042 Miami-Photo-booths-043 Miami-Photo-booths-044 Miami-Photo-booths-045 Miami-Photo-booths-046 Miami-Photo-booths-047 Miami-Photo-booths-048 Miami-Photo-booths-049 Miami-Photo-booths-050 Miami-Photo-booths-051 Miami-Photo-booths-052 Miami-Photo-booths-053 Miami-Photo-booths-054 Miami-Photo-booths-055 Miami-Photo-booths-056Me with my wonderful clients Natalia & Josue! Miami-Photo-booths-057Celebrity, Emilio Estefan at a wedding in which I shot one of his relatives. Miami-Photo-booths-058 Miami-Photo-booths-059 Miami-Photo-booths-060 Miami-Photo-booths-061 Miami-Photo-booths-062 Miami-Photo-booths-063Me with two sets of clients!  Julie & Joe, and Leslie & David! Miami-Photo-booths-064 Miami-Photo-booths-065 Miami-Photo-booths-066 Miami-Photo-booths-067 Miami-Photo-booths-068 Miami-Photo-booths-069 Miami-Photo-booths-070 Miami-Photo-booths-071 Miami-Photo-booths-072 Miami-Photo-booths-073 Miami-Photo-booths-074

Miami-Photo-booths-077 Miami-Photo-booths-078 Miami-Photo-booths-075 Miami-Photo-booths-076 Miami-Photo-booths-079 Miami-Photo-booths-080 Miami-Photo-booths-081 Miami-Photo-booths-082 Miami-Photo-booths-083 Miami-Photo-booths-084 Miami-Photo-booths-085 Miami-Photo-booths-086 Miami-Photo-booths-087 Miami-Photo-booths-088 Miami-Photo-booths-089 Miami-Photo-booths-090
Miami-Photo-booths-092 Miami-Photo-booths-093 Miami-Photo-booths-094 Miami-Photo-booths-095 Miami-Photo-booths-096 Miami-Photo-booths-097 Miami-Photo-booths-098 Miami-Photo-booths-099 Miami-Photo-booths-100 Miami-Photo-booths-101 Miami-Photo-booths-102

Miami-Photo-booths-091This last one was an idea that I had.  I turn off some of the lights that are connected to the camera, and I got a beautiful romantic capture like this.  🙂  Even the Photo Booth can produce art!