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Just a quick update to this page.. (7/20/16) I have made a video…(17 min long) and this is a sit down, serious talk on the biggest turning point of my life and how my business started.  I know that many people, including myself look to inspiration from others to sometimes help them through a difficult time in their own lives. Hopefully you can relate with me, my situation and see how I faced risk, learned from regret and now have the biggest reward in the world..  Also.. be sure to check out the blog post I made for this video!


I wake up every morning in bed to “Curious George” on TV, and my 3 year old son Austin, scuffling the covers to gain traction to climb in so he can snuggle up with me while my wife finishes getting ready to head out to work.  I roll over, and put my head in his little lap and let him pat me like a dog in excitement, as he watches his favorite show.  I know once I hear that hairdryer stop, it’s time for me to get up and start my day.  That few minutes of laying there in peace with him is priceless and it’s the only part of the day where my mind is not sleeping or “working”.  The second I get up, kiss my boy and wife goodbye for the day and I grab my phone from the nightstand to check my messages on the way to the shower,  I am only focused on one thing until I goto sleep that night…

To be better then I was yesterday.  A better father, a better husband, a better entrepreneur, a better educator, and a better photographer.

My name is Travis Harris, and I am a professional, full-time wedding photographer & educator based in Maimi, FL available for worldwide travel.

It’s not enough to “love” photography, or to “have a passion” for it.  So many people love photography, and are very passionate about it… that… are also not very successful.  To be a successful, full-time photographer I must wear many, many different “hats” everyday that go well beyond anything photographic.  The dynamics of running a successful business is where the “real” challenge comes into play, and I work very, very hard each and everyday to ensure that I stay ahead of the curve.  The reward comes in the way of being able to go out and create images for all the people that support my efforts, and connect with my style.  This allows me to not only be the person that I have always wanted to be, but to also have a truly for-filling career doing something that one day, my own son can take part in (if he wants to of course).  Photography, now after seven years of doing full time represents a “lifestyle” for me, one in which I could never imagine my life without.

I thank all of my wonderful clients for your support, your trust, and inviting me into your lives.  I have stood there at hundreds of weddings, next to you while you said your vows to one another.  I have looked over and seen the look of pure happiness on your mother, and fathers faces sitting in the front row.  I have shown some of you how to tie a tie when time was running out.  I have been with a bride, who’s mother could not come to the wedding, and we walked around with an iPad streaming live video because cancer took her life just days later.  I have gotten people to “smile” and relax on camera, who otherwise never would because of my personality alone.  I have held umbrellas to protect your fancy.  I have made an illegal U-turn to go back and pick you up when your rented 1930’s Rolls Royce stopped working and no one else was around.  I have seen your father cry, uncontrollably during your first dance.. and then I have wiped away my own tears behind the camera.  I have given the “video guy” an extra memory card, because his bag was too far away to keep the ball rolling.  I have ruined a $500 light because I knew that getting the shot was worth it, even if it was raining.  I have pretended to take a picture of someone else, when I was really waiting for you to look away.  I have taught you where to place your arms, how to stand and how to look as sexy as possible in that dress.  I have stood at my very own wedding, watching as my wife entered the church and everyone in the world that I cared about stood up as our lives were about to change.  I know what that feeling is like, and what it means to capture it.  The truth is, I really don’t have very many “clients” at all.  I just have one very large family that grows each year.  Word’s can’t possibly express how much it means to be apart of all of your lives.  I am so proud to call all of you friends and family.

My photography has been a “magic carpet ride” that has taken me on the most incredible adventures, and is the one thing that has allowed me to witness and take part in some of the most beautiful moments that I will ever see in my life.

I am so happy.  Thank you.

So… today… I am better then I was yesterday.  I sat down, and I wrote from the heart to share with the world a little glimpse of my life, and what “photography” really means to me.


If you would like to read even more details about me personally, I invite you to check out the link below!




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